Emergency Preparedness

It's important for you to be prepared in the case of an emergency. It's equally important to make sure your pets are prepared in the case that you may have to evacuate your home. The Anti-Cruelty Society offers Emergency Preparedness Kits.


 Our Emergency Prepardness Kits include:

Pet Planner (1X)

  • Helps to organize your pet's information for convenience and emergency preparedness.

"Pet Inside" Stickers (2X)

  • Helps emergency personnel save your pets in the case of a disaster.
  • If you do have a fire, make sure to remove your sticker from your door when leaving with your pet; this lets emergency personnel know your pets are safe and out of the home.

Purchase A Kit

If you have questions or would like to purchase one of our Emergency Preparedness Kits please contact our retail store at (312) 645-8006 or events@anticruelty.org.

These kits are also available in our Retail Store located in our Adoption Center at 510 N. LaSalle.

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